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Could not find a server that was suitable Halo 5

It’s not often I get to sit down and enjoy some online gaming these days. But when I do, I expect a pretty simple end user experience and shortest time to actually play a game. My most recent Xbox One game purchase was Halo 5 Guardians and I have had some issues connecting every time with what seems to […]

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Xbox Elite Controller

Announced today at #XboxE3 was a couple pieces of good news and one I have mixed feelings about. First lets get onto the good stuff !!! The first and probably the best news by far is the fact that Xbox One will now have backwards compatibility with Xbox 360 games ! I can’t stress how much […]

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Unboxing my Custom Scuf One Xbox Gaming Controller

I’ve been gaming for quite awhile and am very competitive in nature, so naturally I’m always looking for ways to enhance my competitive game play. I mostly play first person shooters and even more specific, I have invested much of my time into the Call of Duty franchise. With that said, the first step into […]

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What are Clan Tokens in Advanced Warfare ?

I’m just getting started / familiar with Call of Duty Advanced Warfare Clans and noticed that there is a “Clan Tokens” metric. I’ve looked in multiple locations in the game and had to resort to search online for answers to what they are and what they are used for. I would assume they would be […]

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